What Do We Mean By Intuitive Touch?

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When you look at your smart phone, its pretty obvious where to put your fingers, and even without instructions, we figure out how to use the touch based environment.

We don’t even think about how to use computer mice,  car stereos, microwave ovens — these devices are intuitive — they behave in a way that “makes sense”, even if you’re not reading an instruction manual.  That’s intuitive.

What if you cannot see the device — because its dark, you’re blind, or you are keeping your eyes on the road?   What if you’re having a great moment with your vibrator and you accidentally push the button and get a vibration pattern you hate.   Now, you want to get right back to that, but — “Did I push the button 5 times or 6?   I can’t quite remember”.   And really — you shouldn’t have to.  What if the device could remember for you and operate in a way that just “makes sense”?  That would be pretty intuitive.

That’s where Intuitive Touch Technology comes in — our software and hardware solution figures out where your whole hand is.  It combines motion, touch, and machine learning to figure out what an individual user is trying to do, then makes it happen.   There is not necessarily a screen involved.   If a device is tilted, or not gripped perfectly, or the user has shaky hands, the device is smart enough to correct for these things and provide a reliable, intuitive user experience.  The device provides intelligent feedback to  the user’s body, based on what it learns from repeated use.

Touch is a pretty fundamental part of the human experience.  We want to bring that to as many people as possible, in many different products — tools for medical professionals, gaming devices, and yes — intimate products like vibrators.


Intuitive Touch’s First Product Line

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The first product using the new IntuitiveTouch Technology is a vibrator for women.   We’ve created a company called “Una Vibrators” to develop, produce and market this product.   Read about it at UnaVibrators.com!


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Welcome to the Intuitive Touch Blog.

IntuitiveTouchTech is developing our spin on touch sensing with applications ranging from consumer electronics to automotive and medical devices.   Instead of putting your fingers on buttons on a touch screen, our technology looks at your whole hand, and puts the controls under your fingers.

Even if your hands are shaky, or the device isn’t held perfectly, our technology makes touch sensing work reliably and intuitively. This allows touch sensing to work in environments where you cannot look at the controls, or you cannot see the controls, or your hands do not work well with traditional devices like Smart Phones.

We’ll be writing in this Blog about the development of the Intuitive Touch Platform, developers’ kits, and the products we are making based on this exciting technology.  In addition, our first product line based on this technology is being developed by Una Vibrators.